For Parents

Urban Griots Playground @ United Roots (Oakland, CA)

For Parents

The Urban Griot Playground is a family workshop for early literacy facilitated through embodied modes of learning that blend voice, rhythm and movement with computer media interaction. Children use the Drumball & Alphariddims app to explore vocabulary and produce multimodal text via rhythm. Developed by researchers spanning music, education and design, the system enables children with a wide range of abilities to use accessible, expressive rhythmic patterns for multimodal communication and exchange. To get started, complete all the steps in the registration checklist.

How does the Playground work for children?

Family Workshop

Families attend a 4-part workshop series and take part in a final performance. For an overview of what children learn at the Playground, see the Workshop page.

Virtual Playground

During and after the series, we invite all parents and children in the workshop to join the Virtual Playground - an online hub with activities, games and fun challenges.

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