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posted by Pierre Tchetgen | May 13

New Co-Design Clinic Study Playtests the UGP Learning Ecology with Students/Faculty

The UGP Learning Kit is designed to extend the reach and impact of the UGP ecology beyond the workshop. Developed as a response to the challenge of disseminating the workshop curriculum across diverse settings, this kit encapsulates the project's ethos of culturally grounded, multimodal literacy and STEAM identity development in early childhood education. It stands as a practical, engaging, and adaptable solution, aimed at mobilizing the unique UGP workshop experience in various home, community and school environments. The learning kit is intended to help children build linguistic and numeric literacy as well as to provide more opportunities to practice off screen. Its design is flexible enough so that it can be adapted in at-home and workshop settings (both in-school or out-of-school).

Join us for our Co-Design Clinics series of interactive sessions where we collaboratively shape and refine various components of the Urban Griots Playground ecology for early childhood.