The Urban Griot Playground

An innovative, technology-driven family workshop series.

What is UGP?
The Urban Griot Playground study investigates how leveraging cultural systems can lead to a transformation of praxis in PreK-3 education through systematic integration of cultural tools and embodied practices into the learning ecology.
Who can participate?
If you have a child aged 3 to 6, they are the right fit for UGP workshop.
Workshop Structure
The workshop series comprises of four modules, each session is divided into three parts:

Circle: Communicate

A communal gathering promoting relationship-building through group activities and interactive communication.

E-Learning: Create

Stimulating children's multiple literacies using technology-based tasks and multimedia content creation.

Practice: Celebrate

Engaging in drama and improvisation to create performance pieces that embody children's identities and values.

Learning Objectives
Each workshop session (module) is focused on a different area, integrating literacy and STEAM learning objectives
At Home Support
We extend your child's learning journey to the home with at home activities to reinforce the skills they picked up in the workshop, and deepen their understanding.

Learning through Digital Games

Your child will have access to our interactive digital game, Alphariddims. The game continues the rhythm-based challenges learned in the workshop, to reinforce the concepts learned.

E-Learning: Create

Parental engagement at home is key. We provide a reflection journal/survey integrated within the game for parents to discuss and understand their child's learning experiences more deeply.

Reinforcing Learning

Repetition and application of newly learned skills are key to effective learning. By applying the skills learned in the workshops to the home environment, you'll enhance your child's overall learning journey.

Registration Process
Enrolling in UGP is simple, follow these steps.
Agree to Consent Documents
Read and agree to the study consent documents.
Create an Account
Read and agree to the study consent documents.
Complete Pre-Workshop Questionnaire
Help us understand your child's current learning status.
Schedule a Pre-Workshop Interview
Book a 30-minute phone interview with us to discuss your child's learning needs and answer any questions you might have.
Attend the Pre-Workshop Interview
Take part in the 30-minute phone interview.