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Alphariddims Background Art Illustration by Arvind Thyagarajan

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Drumball Research

Recently, research efforts to close the achievement gap have highlighted the importance of understanding children’s experiences in the early years, how they come to learn about literacy practices and about their identities and positions in the world, in order to identify and address the challenges they soon may be facing.

Using a design-based research approach, the Urban Griots Playground serves as a context to investigate the Drumball & Alphariddims systems as an embodied rhythmic-based learning system to stimulate children’s literacy development and multimodal meaning production through joint child-parent activity. Early findings indicate that this approach encourages the development of children’s multimodal literacy competencies/behaviors, emotional and symbolic understanding, as well key social participation dispositions, while expanding parents’ repertoires of literacy practice and identities as social partners and enablers of their child’s learning.

The significance of this project is that it provides parents and educators with a culturally-grounded approach to early literacy that combines rhythmic communication with new media technologies.

Current projects include: